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Nicholas Johnston
(Trainee Lawyer)

"It is rare that you come across a standout talent like Trevor. Trevor is a natural leader - kind, supportive and full of contagious positive energy.  Through his mentorship I have improved my self-awareness and identified my career goals. As a mentor Trevor goes above and beyond to ensure that his mentees feel confident in themselves and inspired to achieve their goals"


Harriet Ballard 
(HR Professional at NHS)

As my mentor, Trevor has shown a high level of commitment and motivation to help me improve my career development, from a university student into the work environment. He has given me the confidence I needed for interviews and my applications. Through our meetings, he is always willing to go the extra mile and never settles for the bare minimum. As a mentee, I feel continually supported by him, which has allowed me to grow and be pushed out of my comfort zone. Anyone would be extremely lucky, to have Trevor as their mentor.


Joel Esacyg
(Partner at EthosVo)

"I have had the pleasure of working with Trevor at EthosVO during the Ethos Young Leaders project where he has mentored a group of young people formally on universal credit into sustainable work. Trevor's mentoring has been incredibly valuable to the Young Leaders that he has worked with, and his knowledge and ability to deliver in this space is unrivalled. As well as this, Trevor has identified and developed business opportunities to drive and scale the Young Leaders project further, which is leading to more disadvantaged communities being supported." - Joel Esacyg (Partner at EthosVo)

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