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Available Services

Career Coaching

Not sure what you want to do? I'll work with you to map out a career framework (strengths, goals, values) and develop a job search strategy to build relationships and get referrals.

LinkedIn Masterclass

This Masterclass aims to equip you with the skills & knowledge to create a stand out LinkedIn profile that supports you achieve your career goals.

Group Coaching

Choose from a wide-range of sessions including Personal Branding, Building a Digital Profile (LinkedIn), Networking Skills, Growth Mindset & Resilience and Finding my WHY.

Personal Branding Masterclass

This Masterclass is designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge and tools to have greater awareness of your personal brand, its importance and how to build it & make it stronger.

Career Mentoring

1-2-1 Career Mentoring focused around the GROW Coaching/Mentoring Model. I will help you identify your goals and the steps needed to achieve them.

Finding my Why Masterclass

This Masterclass looks to support you take a step back, exploring what your purpose is. This session looks at why finding your why is important and how this links to Personal Branding.

£150 x 1hr
£600 (4x 1hr)
£75 pp (min 10 people)
£150 x 1hr
£150 x 1hr
£150 x 1hr


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